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Give Nepali Children a School!

Fundraising to rebuild a school for kids from the Sindhupalchok region in Nepal.
The Great School Opening Ceremony is the 27th of June 2016!

Since  25th of April 2015, Nepal has been suffering from severe earthquakes.  In the region of Sindhupalchok alone,  more than 2000 people died, thousands of people were injured and 3000 people are still missing. The earthquake desolated almost the entire region as 80% of buildings were destroyed and people who survived are suffering  from a  lack of basic products and utilities. The roads have been damaged and traveling to this region is now very difficult. After the earthquake one of the first aid action was organised by Samjahana Phuyal from the Social Empowerment by Empowering Women (SEW-W) who had transported the citizens of this region to the suburbs of Kathmandu to provide them with basic life and medical treatment.  Sadly, this area is not safe yet…

That is why we wanted to concentrate on providing ongoing support which would help children to come back to their normal  lives as soon as possible. The school means not only  a building but a gathering place where the kids can learn as well as recover, receive help and hope – says, Daria Mejnartowicz, project co-organizer. 

The action is organised by the “Let’s Help Children” Foundation represented by its founder Ms Agnieszka Dydycz and Ms Daria Mejnartowicz PhD, Special Projects Director of Vital Voices Chapter Poland and the  VVLEAD Alumna. From the Nepal side, the project is coordinated by Ms Samjhana Phuyal, Founder of SEE-W, a who is also a friend from VVLEAD Felowship.  She will ensure that the needs are properly evaluated locally. 

The approximate cost of building the school is 12 000 USD. The success of our action and the total amount of raised funds, determined any further plans such as providing  educational and sport equipment. By the end of May 2015, children got some crayons, puzzles, sports aids, sweters and toys.  We hope, these will help to fight  stress and gain some normality in the camp in Kathmandu and in the villages in Sindchupalchowk. These kids have lost not only their school and homes  but, in many cases,  families and closest relatives. 

Daria is going to to Nepal the 22nd of June 2016 (she will fund her trip’s related costs by herself) for the official school opening ceremony which will take place he 27th of June 2016. She will personally monitor the execution of the project. In the opening ceremony will take part Nepalese Education Minister, Forest and Conservation Minister and well as the Polish Honour Consil in Nepal L. Golcha.

Daria and Samjhana are also planning to organize to sports events during Daria's stay in Nepal - Championships for Gender Equality the 25th of June (in Lumbini) and the 27th of June (in Chautara).

Thanks to your generosity as well as the personal involvement of people from Poland and Nepal,  we are convinced about success of our project. The school we plan to build  will not just  be a building but a place where children can play, laugh and feel safe. The funds we collect will be dedicated in 100% to the school rebuilding project. We will continue to inform you about the progress  - assures Agnieszka Dydycz. 

A shocking story by Samjahana about earthquake in Kathmandu is published on the blog Vital Voices Global Partnership: “Nepals Earthquake Surviving Aftermath”. The information can also be found  in Wikipedia: Earthquake in 2015

The bank’s account details:

Fundacja “Pomóżmy Dzieciom”, Pomoc Specjalna

A/C number: PL 31 1030 1508 0000 0005 0125 9039

Title: Nepal

Bank: Citi Handlowy

SWIFT: CITIPLPX (for foreign transfers)

If you need more information,  or have any  ideas  as to  how to make this action more  vital, please contact Daria Mejnartowicz by email: .Communication channels: web pages of the “Let’s Help Children” Foundation and Vital Voices Chapter Poland.  









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Info about the fundraisers

The Let’s Help Children Foundations has been established by Agnieszka Dydycz in 1998; has a status of public charity organization and it is registered in Poland under the court no  KRS0000130515. It’s main activity it’s helping kids who live in difficult life conditions and help them to develop intellectually and morally. Although, the Foundation operates mainly in Poland, it supports from time to time valuable international charity actions. Recently, we supported two actions driven by Daria Mejnartowicz in Kenii (2014) and Tanzanii (2015). 

On a regular basis, the Foundation supports organisations looking after children and youngsters. Their financial means are sparse and enough only to cover basic needs like food, clothes and accommodation.

The foundation helped to refurbish a few shelters, financed scholarships, and holidays, clothes and books. It is worth to notice that children who have received a help often start their own volunteering such as helping other kids with lessons. Our help often motivates children to complete education at highest possible level in order to have a better life. The foundation is a private charity organisation and does not perform any commercial activity. All board functions are held without any remuneration. Costs of activity are limited to the absolute minimum such as licenses, accounting, web pages and Internet. Total costs are kept on the level of 4% of donations received, therefore 96% are dedicated to the core activity. 

If you want to learn more visit our web page:

Master in Marketing and Management, and an Executive MBA, Program in Health Care, a Doctor of Physical Education in Physiotherapy, and Postgraduate Studies. Program in Sexual Education.

Special Projects Director, Flag Bearer Global Mentorin Walk Poland, Vital Voices Poland
2014-2015 program member Vital Voices Global Partnership i UK aid - VVLEAD Fellowship
2012 Fortune Magazine/US Department of State Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership Alumna
2010 Vital Voices Chapter Poland Alumna
2012, 2013, 2015 Flag Bearer, Global Mentoring Walk Poland
Until 2015 professionally connected with Carolina Medical Center, orthopaedic clinic and sport medicine on position of Marketing and Sales Development Director.  Since 2016 she keep COO position at Indigeo Business Group, she is also Project Manager at Medasco SA.

One of her most important life values is being useful to others, she is committed to helping people less fortunate than herself. In following her passion, she devotes lots of energy, time and money to philanthropic work, especially in the areas of health care (treatment and prevention) and working with women, the physically and mentally disabled; sexual education; sport. She has worked as a volunteer offering training in physiotherapy, medical and sport aids in Nigeria, Burma, India (Tibetan Refugees), Kenya, Tanzania and in Ghana. Thanks to her determination and engagement she had a rare opportunity to meet with the Peace Nobel Prize Laureates, like Burmese leader Aunt San Suu Kyi and the XIV Dalai Lama.

You can learn more about Daria and her work by visiting following webpage’s:

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